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Sombrilla (sum-bree-yuh — Spanish for umbrella)

December 28, 2016, we became the proud new owners of the iconic Hare Ranch in Pagosa Springs. It is a legacy cattle ranch nestled in the Upper Blanco Basin that has been in the same family since 1949. We plan to continue its traditions while following our dreams — thus Reed Hare Ranch and Sombrilla Springs are born. My late mother wanted this ranch more than anything, it was her lifelong dream and she was part of a years-long and patient effort to get it under contract, but passed away before the closing. So… we have an angel watching over the ranch, and I swear the snow sparkles a little more now, than ever before.


Reed Hare Ranch, a still-working cattle/horse ranch since the early 1900s and the home of Sombrilla Springs, sits in a valley surrounded by 11,000-13,000-foot peaks. The general area is called the Upper Blanco Basin. We have 5 rotational grazing pastures that require about 8 miles of constant repair to keep the cattle from visiting the neighbors. All of the irrigation water that nourishes the pastures and ensures our herd has healthy forage throughout the season, comes from the Blanco River. Water rights were deeded to the ranch in 1892, and the miles and miles of irrigation ditches — then created by hand and mule — are maintained today with tractors and backhoes. —SANDLIN REED

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