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The Sombrilla Springs Barn


The Sombrilla Springs Barn is the heart and soul of Reed Hare Ranch, and has a spirit about it that makes every event here magical. As many good things do, the renovation started over love and a glass of wine. Two of our closest friends came to the Ranch for a vacation, went on a hike and got engaged on a bluff overlooking the San Juan Valley. Shortly thereafter, we popped a cork to celebrate and I mentioned that if they wanted to get married at the barn, I would fix it up for them. —Sandlin Reed Niccum


The bare bones we started with… it was already an engaging structure with excellent bones, but it also housed 3 solid feet of ancient cow manure and had a family of mule deer living in it.

The renovation
June 4, 2018, with 7 1/2 weeks ’til the wedding on July 28. Besides myself, we had an 8-man team working sun up ’til after dark to see this project come to life. A daunting task, but when we moved out the last sawhorse the day before, the whole team beamed with pride at what we’d accomplished!


Given its long history in the area, the barn had become a sort-of Upper Blanco Basin fixture, but time and weather had taken its toll. I’ve heard from several neighbors that, as kids, they would play hide and seek, cops and robbers, and spent hours in the hay loft. Besides making it a stunning and magical mountain event venue for out-of-town visitors to enjoy, I also want it to be a place where my neighbors feel welcome to bring their friends and families to revisit and relive their stories.

In October 2021, our barn experienced yet another metamorphosis, but this time at the hands of some talented HGTV designers in preparation for a series pilot launching in April 2022. It was quite an adventure and we’re thrilled with the results!

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